Here at DMJ Web Solutions we have discovered a BIG gap in the market and a real opportunity to help you and your business.  We have tapped into the fact that a lot of companies spend their time concentrating on the wrong areas of the business when they could be focusing that time on improving and enhancing the business.  They have menial tasks such as data entry, spreadsheet work, online research that may need performing and so on.  These tasks are not frequent enough to employee somebody full time but by being able to outsource them it saves the company a lot of time and effort which could be used elsewhere.

We are a UK based company providing data entry services and such to corporates and individuals.  We provide a flexible, efficient and cost-effective support service, without the additional expense of training, hiring a temp or the overheads of employing someone. value

You receive assistance as and when you need it, either with ad hoc projects or on a regular long-term basis.

DMJ Web Solutions currently offer the following bespoke freelance services available for you and your business no matter how big or small.  If there are any other tasks that you would like to outsource then we would love to hear from you to discuss further.

green tick Data Entry

green tick Document Processing

green tick Spreadsheet Work

green tick Product Listing

green tick Content Writing

green tick Online Research

green tick Article Writing

green tickSocial Media Work

We fully understand that no task is the same which is exactly why we have classed this service as completely bespoke.  Each task is fully costed up on an individual basis with no set prices (just guidelines) so as to allow you the opportunity to get the best results within your set budget. From previous experience in this field we feel that this is the best model to suit our customer needs and help them achieve those desired results.  We also pride ourselves on offering you a no quible money back guarantee if you are dis-satisifed with any of our work.

If there is anything we can help you with then we would love to hear from you.  Allow us to help to save you and your business money by clicking on the button below and getting in touch with us asap.

Let DMJ Web Solutions employ the staff while you get the benefits!