Digital Marketing

Being well positioned on Google can make or break a website.   After all, how often do you look past the first page of search results?

To be successful your website needs to be easily found on all search engines and being on the first page is essential. We offer a tailored SEO service at very competitive rates. We know that we will generate your company extra business!

  • No contracts, cancel whenever you want
  • We live up to our promises
  • Personal service, we get to know your company and you get to know us
  • Honest advice
  • High retention rates, our customers stay with us as we generate revenue
  • Competitive prices, our SEO packages are less than people think.

What Is Seo? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation and summarises the methods used to achieve better or higher visibility on Google and other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo. There are many different elements involved in SEO, including relevant links to your website, having good content on your pages and keeping the website up to date. It's a difficult process and we use constantly evolving methods to rank our customers at the top of Google. If you search for something on Google then you usually see adverts at the top and down the right hand side of the screen. These are what are called Adwords and is a form of Pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

Is It Expensive? No! web promotion such as SEO and Pay-per-click (PPC) is incredibly cheap when compared to traditional forms of advertising. PPC can cost from just a few pence to put your company in-front of potential customers at the exact point they are searching for the product or service you provide. Our SEO service also offers incredible value, with ROI ratios of 500% commonplace. All of our SEO campaigns are bespoke and prices are determined by the difficulty and competitiveness of your keywords.